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Triumph Trident 660 NITRON COMBO

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Nitron suspension combo, both front and rear components, for the new Triumph Trident 660!

This combo package includes the Nitron TVT22 cartridge kit & Nitron NTR1 rear shock - both sprung properly for rider weight and riding application.

TVT22 - fully adjustable cartridge kit (compression in one leg and rebound in the other; preload on both) with 22mm main pistons. Comes with micropolished fork springs for rider weight and riding application. TVT stands for Tri-Valve Technology, which features an extra base valve in the compression leg specific for high speed damping. This could be snapping on the brakes or hitting a large bump at speed or while accelerating, and it really keeps the front end feeling stable and connected to the road.

NTR11 way adjustable (rebound) with a 40mm main piston & internal floating piston (separates the gas and oil) manual preload with Nitron spanner wrench included.

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