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The high-tech TOBY steering damper uses high-tech materials such as aeronautical aluminum.

The standard and the racing dampers are actually the lightest steering dampers on the market!

1990 by Michel Toby who developed a revolutionary new concept in motorcycle steering dampers.

He sets up a new technology completely different from what already existed!

He was the first to design and introduce on the market shock damper kits suitable for all types of motorcycles and usable on both road and racing motorcycles for competition.

Toby exports its products to a lot of countries worldwide.

Michel Toby never stops striving to improve on his already Market leading products.

Toby steering dampers are manufactured with an expansion reservoir, to house the oil which expands when the friction generates heat in use.The expanding oil moves into the reservoir with the heat and returns into the damper body as it cools automatically.

The bodies of the steering dampers are made from aeronautic grade aluminum ( AL7075) and are rearned to a tolerance of 5 micron.

Polished after machining to a high gloss to reduce friction.

The body is then anodized in an assortment of colors.

The steering dampers rods are made from CK45 steel and finished to a close tolerance.

The ball joints are manufactured in Japan for Toby, all self lubing without the need for grease nipples.