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Ohlins RXF 48s Forks

Enter rider weight (without gear)

Introducing the latest Öhlins motocross front fork, the RXF 48S.  For 2018, they have made updates both internally in the damping system, as well as externally in the lower fork legs.

The majority of track performance developments come from internal changes in the cartridge kit. Ohlins set a development aim for 2018 which they were able to reach by redesigning crucial internal valve parts as well as modifying the shim stack layout. With these changes combined, the rider experiences a fork which has improved stability, rigidity, defined position, front wheel feedback, settled movement and the ability to handle bigger impacts. Of course, with the trademark traction from Ohlins and no harshness characteristics untouched.

The 2018 fork features golden Ti-Nitrate surface treatments on the lower fork legs for improved durability, scratch resistance and decreased friction, even under load. Also changed is the guide sleeve color from black to blue for a more unified visual appearance. 




Improved dynamic performance for 2018 year model
New gold colored Ti-Nitrate surface treatment
Cartridge kit with TTX design
Gas pressurized damping system for response
External compression adjuster, angled for easy of reach
External rebound adjuster
Hydraulic stops for great bottom-out resistance
Top-out springs and rubbers for smooth top out feeling
Strong fork bottom material, highly resistant to hitting stones
Gold and blue colour scheme