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Born from the need to calculate accurate spring rates. Indispensable apparel for the technicians who want to succeed in the suspension world, especially for those who personalize shock absorbers or forks. The measurement process is very easy, the spring tester is provided of all the components to work at the best. The reliability and the sharpness of the calculation bring this machine on top of the line.

Technical features
  • expanded load cell mod. 546 QDT
  • maximum load 100 kg
  • a tenth of kg sensibility
  • for fork springs ø max 45 mm, height 700 mm
  • base dish for shock absorber spring ø max 150 mm, height 350 mm
  • global error <+- 0,023% FS
  • centesimal digital caliper
  • V711 reader with microprocessor
  • Five-digit LED display
  • 5 function keys for weighting and calibration
  • FS indicator
  • 5 tons hydraulic lifter